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GHAMFIN Knowledge Management Hub!

You are welcomed to the Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN) Knowledge Management Hub. This website or Hub aggregates information from various sources as well as information which is internally generated for use by various stakeholders.

Microfinance Institutions use different ways to source for information to support decision making. Some of this information such as tools, templates, articles, books, training materials and information on the industry are difficult to come by or in some instances not available or if even available, expensive to procure them. These Microfinance Institutions may then resort to the use of search engines or internally built database to source for these tools, process or documents to guide decision making for the betterment of their institutions.

GHAMFIN as part of its Member Services in collaboration with CapitalPlus Exchange Corporation (CapPlus) and funding from Mastercard Foundation has created this Knowledge Management Hub which will serve as a depository of information to support the operation of its member institutions, other stakeholders as well as the public.

For ease of use, the Knowledge Hub has been organized under various thematic areas on the left side of this page.There are various search capabilities on the Knowledge Hub: General Search on web, search in the GHAMFIN database and search on a particular page opened.

Where the material is not created by GHAMFIN, kindly acknowledge the original owner of the material to ensure compliance with the relevant copyright laws of the sourced material.

Users of the Knowledge Hub would also be able to share information (through the Upload Portal) on the Platform.We encourage researchers and the academia to use this platform to share their art.

Thank you.

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